Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alligator (117/365)


Indy & I stopped to stretch our legs & made a new prehistoric friend. #florida

FAKE PROBLEMS - "Alligator Assassinator"

Hey alligator won't you swallow me hole?
Bite down on my leg put me in your death roll
You're going to love the way I taste

Now everybody doing their own thing tonight
Get drunk get high get messed straight out of your mind
But me? I think I'm going straight to sleep
I've got a long road ahead of me and I'm in that drivers seat

Hey alligator do you wanna go again?
I swear to God right now I'll send you straight to heaven
I've got the strength of a thousand no make that a million men

No you go on tell your reptile friends you're sorry
I should have never messed with him
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