Monday, March 15, 2010

Ninja Gun @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Defiance, Ohio @ Harvest of Hope 2010

The crowd was nuts for Defiance, Ohio... people were overflowing the tent on both sides in the lovely mud. Their too short set concluded with a tentwide singalong to "What did they do with the bodies?" need bigger stage w/ longer set time next time!

Greenland is Melting @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Greenland is Melting packed the tent at Stage 5 - the whole crowd was tapping their toes and bopping their heads. They rocked so hard that Will's upright bass literally exploded mid-set... watch out for flying bass pieces! Check out their record here:

Matt Pond PA @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Liquid Limbs @ Harvest of Hope 2010

American Cheeseburger @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Forgetters @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Cory Branan @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Jon Snodgrass @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Danielson @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Lemuria @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Lemuria @ HOH 3.13.10 - 18
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Cory Branan @ Harvest of Hope 3.14.10

Algernon Cadawallader @ Harvest of Hope 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cory Branan & Jon Snodgrass 3.12.10

Who knew Jon was so dedicated to social media? He live facebooked this show at the Emerald... much to Cory's surprise:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Port O'Brien 3.10.10

Port O'Brien 3.10.10 64
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These guys stole the show with enthusiasm, spunk and frequent encouragement of audience participation - including a fun box of noisemakers for the crowd to share and also teaching them how to yell along. Fun!

Portugal. The Man 3.10.10

Portugal. The Man 18
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"we're from Alaska"

shouted out from crowd "you are better than a polar bear"

Um, no. But they are quite the entertainers with a full on light show attracting a near sell out crowd on Wednesday night.