Friday, June 13, 2014

Cancelled (164/365)

Cancelled (164/365)

Today I learned that when you book a flight on Southwest to LGA, instead you get to fly to Philly & then buy an amtrak ticket to NYC. Oh - and the side note is even though the desk agent said all NYC flights are cancelled, I just saw one so guess that's not stricly accurate.

DOWN BY LAW - "The Future Is Cancelled"

I don't care what people say
You're better off when I'm away
If I'm the world to you
Then the world's a lonely place
It's true
Destiny's a funny thing
When it leads you straight into the ground
Six feet below the saddest town

Can't stand another day knocked down

Well I miss you, do you miss me too?
Or are the memories too new?
You thought you realized how blue
But you never even had a clue
Well take the shadows from your eyes
And let your conscience realign

I'm standing in the darkest room
I'll you turn the lights on soon
You'll be the only one that hears
When I'm done talking to the sky
It'll be a lovely day to die
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