Saturday, May 10, 2014

Matching (130/365)

Matching (130/365)

Now picking my popsicle based on bow coordination - matching is key. I'm looking for a polka dot candidate, p.s. Strawberry Lemonade is delicious.

INTO IT. OVER IT. - "A Pair Of Matching Taxi Rides"

Left behind, her story's on the sidewalk it’s a brief goodbye
An address in your hand
Notice me I'm kicking rocks toward loneliness
Begrudgingly packing up our things
You're leaving on a morning flight
Delayed night London taxi ride
So cold, your hands are turning blue
Asphyxiation formally conducts you past security
The passports are more with me than you
Pretty sure you'll need your cash and state ID

Rescue plan, I dialed out and copied you
Its 2 A.M., took a while to find the door
Suffering for all things fair
I made a case and climbed the stairs
I found you and the tenants fast asleep

You say you severed all contacts
The anguish, phone lines are down
But fear says without me you'd never make it off the ground

You say he's bridged every contact
The anguish, follow lines I've found
Are blindsided and embarrassed collecting the covers that make you out
With no time for thank yous now

A way to drift above us
While I provide a way out
Is this enough to make it
Am I enough to make it
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