Friday, February 21, 2014

Project (52/365)

Project (52/365) by elawgrrl
Project (52/365), a photo by elawgrrl on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
So happy to finish my FEST 12 portrait project book, "Why do you FEST?", before it got stagnant. FEST is about the music… but much much more. These portraits were compiled into a book which you will can download as a free PDF or purchase a hard copy at cost at this link: It's 246 pages with an index and even a pie chart. Yep. Please share around!

LATTERMAN - "This Project Is Stagnant (Get It Out Of My Face)"

we know things lose their shine over time. so the things that you love you say wont feel the same way. so move out. move on. fall deep in love with your meaning. and if we haven't found it. i hope we can all start looking. so look out. look up. even though the skies are cloudy gray. spend every new day. look deep and fall in love again. cause things can't stay new forever. we have to work to keep it together. old melodies renewed and recreated. we have to keep on singing

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